October 19, 2016

some picture updates

The busier we get, the fewer blog post, which kind of stinks because I have lots I would like to look back on fondly and a few moments I would like to look back on and be glad they are over.  :)  We had a lot of fun with our California cousins in town, they left early this morning and we are already counting down until the next visit.  A few pictures from our weekending fun.

TGIF?!...Hannah wanted to go to Chuck E. Cheese when she was in North Carolina.  I mean, NC is pretty much know for chuck e. cheese, right...

Saturday baseball game time.  We have had some extra cheerleaders pulling for the Fireballs and Orioles.

Sunday Charlie and I hit the road to Charlotte for a high school friends wedding.  The ceremony was beautiful, the food delicious and even did a little dancing.  I was not looking forward to the drive back (DD) but much to my bellies amazement, krispy kreme donuts were the favor.  I can eat way too many of these on a late night drive home.  Atleast, I wasn't falling asleep. 

Some big boy reading to cousin Nate.


One last cousin picture attempt.  It was way too late to think this would work.  Next time!

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