November 6, 2016

My Brave Boy!

On Saturday morning a chill was in the air, the sun was shining, and it was game day in Chapel Hill.  We loaded up the suburban and headed to do a little tailgating with some friends.  Charlie and Jackson were heading to the game and the other boys and I a birthday party to go to.  But, we decided to make a detour right on over to the ER instead. Right as we were leaving the tailgate, Jackson jumped in the back of the Suburban and the hitch caught his upper thigh perfectly.  I say perfectly because his pants did not rip, no blood was spewing out, I kind of thought he hit his man parts and was just being a little wimpy about it.  He and Charlie were about to start walking to the game when the poor guy said, look dad, and I heard Charlie let out an 'Ohhh shiiaattt.'  I ran over, took one look at his raw thigh popping out and said in the car we are heading to the ER.  Luckily, we were all of a block away and the ER was empty.  They took us all right in and checked Jackson out.  Luckily it was not much blood just a bulging tear, no pics, it was too nasty.  They cleaned him up, numbed him up, shot him up and then gave him a little Valium before getting 11 stitches.  Jackson was a rock star throughout the entire thing.  And kids Valium is just as hilarious as you would think.  His sweet dorkiness was in full effect.  It all really went as well as it possibly could, the best part, daddy and his bros were with us the whole time.  Now we just have to attempt to keep him calm and these stitches in.  

Waiting on the docs, watching a little tar heel football.  Sweet Nash was always close by for any commentary.

They let us use the adjoining to spread out with an extra tv and Theo decided to make himself comfy.

Brave boy watching his thigh get stitched right on up.

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