November 3, 2016


Hello November!  You know one thing I am thankful for, that Halloween has come and gone and left us with a lot of mini candies!  A few pictures from our festivities.

1st Grade 'Fall' party.  They got to dress as 'characters' from their favorite book, ha.  

Robin and Minnie Mouse headed to our Neighborhood Halloween Parade & Party.  When Brooklyn got out of the car Theo proclaimed, 'You look booootiful!'

Look at all of the awesome stuff you could do here! 'I wan do baseball, I wan bat, I got 3 points, go teamers...'

Pumpkin carving.  They lasted approximately 45 seconds and left me there to finish it off...

Yep, same with this guy.  I do like the helmet idea though.

The younger treaters in the DC neighborhood, ready to roll out!

This guy was in his element.  He and his dad worked the neighborhood for hours.  And he shares with his mom, because if he doesn't, he has to give it all away. (to me)

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