November 14, 2016


With election day and Veteran's Day last week we did not have much order around this house.  Between trips to the Minute Clinic and Urgent Care we tried to fill it up with some fun stuff.

We were ready in our Tarheel gear for a neighborhood throw down on Thursday night for the football game.  Shockingly, Nash got a fever, we hit up the Target Minute Clinic, loaded up on meds and blue Icees instead.  It was a rough night for all the Tarheel fans.  

FARRIS, SOPHIE, BETSY & OLIVIA came to visit on Friday!  They all entertained themselves and I got to hang with Aunt Emily, it was glorious.  Jersey Mikes for lunch, the best Gatorade and Doritos around town!

A pig picked and some football on Saturday afternoon.  We have some serious fall weather going on right now.

Fire! Fire! Fire!  How to entertain boys, let them play with fire.

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