November 7, 2016


I have been prepping for a 4th boy for about 16 weeks now.  A boy would have been great, really, I know what to do with boys, or what not to do I should say.  A girl, would be exciting, very exciting.  But, I had NO idea I would be THIS excited to have a vagina inside my belly!  We did the 4D ultrasound so I could find out asap if we were going with blue or pink.  Patience and surprises are something I do not do.  Just Charlie and I went because I was a nervous wreck?!  I drank lots of orange juice on the way there and contemplated putting some vodka in it (I kid, I kid!) so that the baby would hopefully be moving around, legs wide open.  It took a little while to confirm, all the while the smile on my face getting bigger and bigger until boom, 'It's a girl!'  I did not cry or scream, I just could not stop smiling, my face hurt at the end of the day.  The only person who may have been a little more excited was Charlie.  This pregnancy has been way different than the last 3 and not in a good way.  I did have a little inkling it could be a girl.  I also knew it could be because I was older and exhausted and have terrible skin and a gut that popped out before I saw the positive pregnancy test.  Now I can blame it on a sweet baby girl and that makes everything a little easier.  Her big bros thought it was a boy.  I would say they were about as indifferent as can be when they found out it was a girl.  We did pink donuts as the 'big reveal.'  Like I said, haven't been feeling well, my creativity not at its best.  Jackson was pumped for donuts, Nash was very intrigued on how they know it is a girl and Theo is not happy with any of this.  He knows something is going on and he is not happy about it.  I am a little bit pumped for some pink.

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