March 15, 2017

4 weeks!

We got 4 weeks to keep this baby inside.  Some days, I am not sure if we are gonna make it.  Last week the doctor estimated she was around 7lbs and has a big ol' head, neither of which came as a surprise to me.  Jackson thinks it is hilarious that he can no longer wrap his arms around me.  Nash still loves to feel her kick and watch my stomach move from across the couch, 'OH MY GOSH, DID YOU DO THAT?'  Theo has mentioned his 'baby sister' and asked what happened to my belly button, but mostly he is still cool with ignoring it all, making me carry him, sleeping in his crib (with a paci) and crapping his diaper, all of which I had planned to stop before baby.
This weekend I am having a little baby 'sprinkle!'  My mom and sister took me shopping to get an outfit this afternoon.  I think they were worried I would wear my cotton black dress and drape a long cardigan over it with some slip on shoes - I don't see the problem here...  I am not a big clothes shopper and the last thing I want to do right now is try anything on.  They did mention a pedicure afterwards, so I caved.  It was glorious and I might just go back next week.

Even got that fake daiquiri

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