March 28, 2017

Survive & Advance

Another weekend of March Madness around here.  All is well in the town of Chapel Hill as the Tarheels continue to survive and advance like a boss.  Final Four here we come.  Well not we, although I have caught Charlie looking up tickets on numerous occasions.  A little too close for comfort for me.
We have watched the games with neighbors etc. up until this weekend.  When it gets down to business daddy prefers his couch and being in control of the remote.  His biggest fans are learning to not ask tooooo many questions.  ;)

Half time entertainment at its best.  Jackson and Nash are having their own tournament, bracket and all, and play one basketball game a day.  It has been pretty awesome.  Only a few technicals.  

Victory!!  Love the hooting and hollering we can hear outside after a big W!

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