March 21, 2017

Baby Sprinkle

When it is your 4th child you really do not need any sort of baby shower.  We have everything we need (diapers, wipes, boobs) and have gotten rid of everything we don't (wipe warmers, bottle heaters, magic sleep blankets).  But, family and friends insist, it is a GIRL for crying out loud.  We will NOT let her wear these hand me downs.  So they hosted a brunch, the prettiest, sweetest, pinkest, little girl brunch you can imagine.  I loved every single minute of it.  Baby Girl is going to be one stylist little nugget. 

Beautiful invitations for the 'sprinkle.'  Everything coordinated perfectly because my sister is a teacher - and my long lost OCD self rejoiced.

Word is out! We shall call her Baby 'Winnie!'  Short for Winslow, my maiden name.  No middle name yet, may be a last minute call at the hospital.  And thanks to my mama for the dress and making me look and feel decent at 36 weeks.  

We even had games.  I said no games, but they were sneaky, and fun!  Price is Right - you guessed the price of baby items and Celebrity Name Game - you matched the celebrity with their baby's name.  Embarrassingly enough I got most of these right.  

The serious spread of donuts, casseroles, parfaits, biscuits, cinnamon bread...  Along with mimosas, pink lemonade and coffee.  

One happy, lucky, spoiled, blessed (all the cheesy words) mama and lots of PINK!  Confession, I never really liked monogram stuff, but I can't stop staring at the 'Winnie' monograms, I am a changed woman. 

Clean up crew.  They had Little League Opening Ceremonies (THANK-YOU for my pictures all the time Carrie!!) and then swooped in to take down the left overs.  Big brothers are going to be the best.  

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  1. Loved sprinkling you AND monogramming that precious name!!! Can't wait to hold her!!!