March 7, 2017


This weekend was some kind of busy.  I am getting pretty uncomfortable and I do not like not being in control - like chasing Theo down the street while literally holding my belly, among other things.  I am gonna be thankful that one is still in my belly for the next month and try and not complain too much.  And pretend I totally have things under control around here...

Saturday was filled with some early morning basketball games, first Nash and then Jackson.  They pulled off 2 W's and both really hustled.  We are working on it being ok to lose and that rankings don't really matter.  They are obsessed with rankings. Our car ride talk to the games -
Jackson - 'One team I don't ever want to play mom... UConn women!  They haven't lost in 103 games.  Who do you think would win, Golden State Warriors or UConn women?'
Me - 'Ahmm, probably still the Warriors.'
Jackson - 'Well you must not know, Steph Curry missed 11 3-point shots in a row last night.'
Me - 'Nope, didn't know that.'
Maybe a little too much ESPN around here.

Go Nash! Or Theo having to sit by himself for throwing balls at 5 year olds...

Go Jackson! Or Theo, get off the court before you get hit with a ball!
Super thankful for other moms that take pictures and videos for me!!

After that we visited dad at Jersey Mike's and grabbed a peaceful bite to eat...  Next up was baseball practice.  We missed Jackson's (shhhh) but made it to Nash's first one.  Dude was pumped it was his turn to start baseball.
A WIN for mommy.

That afternoon was some birthday party fun and then prepping for the UNC vs. Duke game.  Our neighbors had a party so we headed over there for the first half.  Everyone headed home at half-time to finish watching the game.  This is serious business around these parts.  Tar heels pulled off the victory this time around and all is well in Chapel Hill.
Sunday we were the 'teachers' in Theo's Sunday school class, headed to church, lunch and our last flag football game!  This season really went by fast and the weather could not have been more glorious.

Go Patriots!!

Sunday afternoon we had a church potluck (ok, lets get real, subs) at our house.  I love having people over but think I am done until after baby girl gets here.  I was feeling pretty exhausted.  But this was the only big overlapping sports weekend when Charlie was working.  We can do this!  Monday morning was a welcome site.

A runner, a streaker, so much for leaving our doors unlocked.  Help me Jesus.

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