August 31, 2014

It's back...

College football season is back.  We have got our jerseys and corn hole boards and hotdogs and bourbon (give me a break, for once I am not pregnant during football season) and we are ready to fill our Saturdays up with endless football games.  The Tarheels opened up the season with a big W and we hope to continue for at least a few more games.

Game faces.  You will only see Nash posing with fake mascots.  He is terrified of the real ones.

We missed you Theo, maybe next time. Or maybe next year. Two is tough enough.

I win!

I never knew a kid could ask sooo many questions during a game.  He should be an expert by the end of the season.

Where we spent most of our time.  Potty training is a bia.  

We have tickets in the Blue Zone because we are football brats.  But it is awesome.  Some families go to Disney World we go to football games.

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