August 14, 2014

THE Art Show!

I am not sure if I have touched on this before but Jackson is not so much in to art.  In fact his teacher sent home a note that Jackson excels in school but may not bring home much art work because he has no interest in it.  The art work that he did bring home usually consisted of one line in one color.  I like to think of him as a modern minimalist.  So I was a little weary of signing him up for 'art camp.'  Our neighbor down the road was doing it in her garage for a couple of hours in the morning with a bunch of Jackson's friends.  But once I thought about it, 2 hours in the morning with only 2 kids, yep I signed him up.  He loved it!  I could still pick out all of his art work (he is no Picasso, or maybe he is?) but it looks like he branched out with a few more colors.  I asked him what was his favorite part was, 'well we had grapes and Pirates Booty for snacks!'  That's my boy.

His sculpture 'Dragon Volcano'

Family picture at 'The Show.'  He was very excited about this show!

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