August 11, 2014

Theo's Baptism

Theodore was baptized Sunday morning at The Church of the Good Shepherd.  He was as sweet and smiley per usual.  I had hopes that his big brothers would b a little nervous about going up front so they would be quiet and well behaved.  Ha!  It could have been better, but it could have been worse…

Family photo before the service! Someone had to pee.

Handsome Theo.

It started off well.

Then they spotted a penny…  Being the smart oldest brother Jackson gave it to Nash, 'so he won't cry, right mom.'  WHEW.

Theodore which means, 'gift of God' was Baptized with water.  The cool part!

And then we celebrated with a lot of family with a big ol BBQ lunch.  And then Nanny Nat's Birthday!!

Partied out.  


  1. beautiful family! that picture cracks me up (still)!

  2. great pics!! SOO impressed with Jackson giving up the penny! Good job older bro