December 24, 2014

Hannah & Nate

All the way from Caalliiforrniaaa… the Fowlers were home for the Holidays.  We have been loving spending time with 'Hannah-Banana' and 'Nate-da-bate' as Nash would say and their awesome parents this past week. They left this morning, booohoooo, but thankfully tomorrow is Christmas so we have plenty to do besides wallow in our sorrows.  It was an awesome visit.  All of the cousins have just reached the age that they can play (and fight) with each other.  Come back soon please!

Tat-Tat wanted an annual picture on the step with all her grand-babes.  We did get them all on the steps at the same time?!

Loving on our newest cousin sweet baby Nate!

First dinner stop, Dick's Hotdog Stand.  They are regs.

A trip to Marbles Museum!  Racing cars, and kids, down the track with Will.

Some serious hockey going on.  Keep the stick down!

Bedtime stories with Chawwlyyy.

Brooklyn turned 1 years old!! Happy Happy Birthday sweet girl.  

Breakfast with our cousins and it snowed!!??!  

Hey Nate the Great, meet Superman.

Family lunch at the one the only, Jersey Mike's!  I mean someone has to work...

Christmas at Tat and Will's house.  Everyone was very friendly and excited and helpful and kind and shared, much to my surprise!

What she get? What she get? What she get?

Decorating the gingerbread man.  Not sure why Tat still has her shirt on?!

Some serious chit-chat going on between these two.  How about them apples?

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