December 14, 2014

Sunday night meltdowns...

Sometimes we forget we have 3 young kids that still need naps and bedtimes and real food.  Sunday around 7pm...

This weekend the two older boys got to have a sleepover at Grandmama and Granddaddy's house with their cousins! (insert meltdown, where is grandmama? why isn't she here yet? when are we going?) They did the Christmas Train, Breakfast with Santa, made cookies, watched movies, stayed up late and got up early.  Charlie and I were going to get a baby-sitter and make a night of it, but when I suggested take-out, champagne, and a movie in our pj's he was all for it.  Sometimes that is just what I need.  Saturday I baked up some Christmas 'bark' and did a little decorating with Theo as workers finished up on the outside of our house (whoop whoop).  I picked up the big guys. (insert meltdown for obvious reasons, who ever wants to leave grandparents house) We all went to a Christmas cocktail aka cookie party at our neighbors that afternoon and had a great time.  Such a great time that we missed the neighborhood caroling (insert meltdown, how did we miss it? why did we miss it? where is everyone? who are the worst parents ever?).  Sunday cousins came up this way and went to the basketball game while I went to the musical Annie with my niece and sister-in-law!  Girls day!  (insert meltdown, why can't boys go?)  Then we were going to meet my parents and cousin Brooklyn for dinner but I knew it might not go so well so everyone came here for hibachi and football.  Then we made them take baths.  (insert meltdown, how could we?)  I love these maniacs so much.  Thank goodness.


  1. Just had a great laugh at this! Sounds like a fun weekend, and it wouldn't be the holidays without some meltdowns!!

  2. Just left Tyler's class party...insert meltdown here! Let the Vegas countdown begin!