December 29, 2014


My mom (tat-tat) found all these pictures, sweets has always kind of been my thing.  And I think my boys look like their dad, but these pictures prove otherwise...

When your birthday is 3 days after Christmas I think everyone feels bad for you so they over compensate.  And really at this age, when your birthday is 3 days after Christmas you could care less about doing anything at all.  So 'lucky' me, I was filled to the brim with gifts and cakes and brunches and lunches and dinners and happy birthdays!  And Charlie and I finally made it to SoCo Farms in Wilson for a birthday dinner.  Ya'll, maybe my new favorite restaurant.

My only birthday request, pedicures and coffee and adult conversation.  He will be back!

A mini 'teenies tappas' reunion with some of my favorite people in the whole wide world.

Gifts from my boys.  They went to Target! Will you share with us mom?!

Just when you think the celebrations are over and your gonna start eating healthy, UNC brings out an oreo mini cake.  We took it down.  

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