December 28, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!  We had a holly jolly Christmas and I hope you and yours did too.  Thank you God for all my many blessings!

Christmas Eve.  It rained all day long so we stayed in our pajamas.  Decorating Christmas tree cookies for Santa Clause.

Children's service at our church.  We made it through the entire service.  Highlights included Nash yelling, 'When is Jesus's Birthday party?' 'I pooped my pants!' And Jackson 'Oh my gahh it smells like someone is pooting so much!' 'That guy has pink hair, that is a weird color to do your hair!  He must go to church on Saturdays.'  But we survived and even got to hold candles and sing Silent Night.  Quite possibly my favorite part of Christmas.  

After church we had dinner and opened some Christmas presents from each other.  Theo got wrapping paper because that is what he liked the most and that is all he needed.  Third boy.

Christmas morning.  Santa came!  He keeps it simple around here.  Jackson got his baseball stadium and Nash his dart board.

Theo got some puffs.  Third boy.

We headed to Goldsboro for a big Christmas lunch with the entire Winslow clan.  We ate and ate and then played football with our cousins.  Perfection.

Then we headed to Wilson for Christmas at Grandmama and Granddaddy's house.  We had a big ol Christmas dinner, opened some more presents and rubbed on bellies.  I am going to be an aunt again in April!

Big cousins Christmas movie and popcorn to round out a fabulous Christmas.

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