June 11, 2015


I took the older two boys to a day game this week.  I love that the Durham Bulls stadium is all of 15 minutes from our house.  Although once we load up, park, unload and walk to the game it takes about an hour and 15 minutes.  Wish I was kidding.  If we aren't doing some sort of race or playing some kind of game these guys are sooo sloowww.  I try to enjoy the moment, but I just can't do it when we are missing something.  We had a great time cheering on the Bulls, asking tons of questions, and eating hotdogs and pizza.  Theo got to hang with a baby-sitter, maybe next year or the next.  

Prime time seats for grubbing and game watching.

Jackson used his birthday money from Great-Grandma Chally and Aunt Sarah to buy a baseball stadium lego set, just what we needed!

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