June 1, 2015

Wedding Love

I love a wedding.  Especially a family one.  Especially one where my sweet children get to stay home with a baby-sitter.  My cousin Betsy got married this weekend and my sister was a bridesmaid, meaning the Fowler family is in town for a few days!  Party time.

Hannah wanted to hang out with her mommy at the 'ball' all day long.  Finally saw her and I got this.

My Papa and The Frederick Brothers.  Singing in perfect harmony at yet another wedding.  They sang at each others weddings, my parents wedding, and my wedding.  They are the best.


I am not sure what is going on here or why my handsome husband looks strikingly similar to Pee-Wee Herman.

Momma got her groove on.  And payed for it the next day.


  1. Love the last pic!! Glad yall had fun!

  2. That last pic is one to be proud of for sure! Taking care of three babies and still got love for the dance floor!! Thumbs up