June 7, 2015

The cart

The Harris Teeter near our house has ONE 'car cart.'  If this cart is not available then two out of three of these boys have to WALK through the grocery store or we wait for the person to walk out with the car cart and straight up stalk them.  Option B usually works out better.  The only problem is we only have enough room to fit some bananas between Jackson's legs before he has to walk.  And then you know who wants to walk.  And then you know who else wants to walk too.  This can't happen.  I do some serious bribing.  Last week they picked Diet Mountain Dew as their 'treat' for being such good helpers.  DMD, just what we need…

Before!  All three, all smiles.

After! Nash doing a we get Mountain Dew dance.  Jackson giving me the we don't have much time until Theo starts screaming look.

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