July 21, 2015


Welcome to Atlanta… where parties don't stop till 8 in the mornin! Just kidding, those were the days, but this weekend we were on our 3rd cup of coffee by then. We met some of my best friends in Atlanta for some lake time, aquarium visits and a Braves game.  Thanks to the Coronas for putting up with us all.  
Jumping to dad.  

First time on the tube for my boys!  Lots of thumbs up for the go faster signal.

Cap'n Nash

Camp Riley!  Seriously though, Riley is almost 12 and all the young kids adore her and listen to her and behave and that reminds me I owe her some cash!

While they were at 'Camp Riley' we grilled out, drank snazzy drinks and even go out of our pool clothes.

The Atlanta Aquarium is awesome.

Go Braves!

And then we drove all night so I could wake up to this guy!  He got to stay with Aunt Nat, Tat and Will and do whatever he wanted.  I really missed him, but holy cow a 3 and 5 year old is enough for me in the car for 7 hours.  Next year Theo, maybe.  :)

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