July 13, 2015

Summer Lovin'

We were finally in Chapel Hill this past weekend! Summer time always flies by so it was great to have a weekend at home.  Charlie and I had a fun date night a surprise karaoke birthday party and some always entertaining times with these guys.

I know, he is getting a haircut soon, Charlie has threatened to cut it himself, unfortunately we know how that goes.

Two spoons so it doesn't melt!  'It's good but next time I am just doing like Nash and sticking to mint chocolate chip.'

Nash's had his first tee-ball practice on his OWN team!  He loved it.  Theo was proud.

We explored some super secret spots in our neighborhood.  They said it was for boys only but sometimes moms can come.  Yes!

Being very careful.  

And look who we brought along with us! Meet Dolly the Dalmation.  My sisters new puppy.

Cheering on daddy at his softball game.

  Backyard pond fishing - for turtles - without a fishing line - they don't know. 

Staying cool and getting clean with afternoon hose downs.

New matching neon green light up Hulk Smash shoes!  One thing we don't waste any money on is shoes.  They both have one pair of tennis shoes and one pair of flip flops.  They both had quarter size holes in the shoes and neither one wanted to get a new pair.  But then they spotted these beauties.  Who wouldn't want a pair?

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