July 7, 2015


Nash is still obsessed with baseball.  If I ever want him to do something I say, this is like what a real baseball player does.  Real baseball players eat ONE vegetable bite before they get dessert, real baseball players get bloody noses from their brothers, real baseball players jump in the pool and swim to their mom, real baseball players even put their clothes in the hamper!  He loves to play baseball in the yard, go to a game, pretend to play it with Legos or watch highlights on TV.  This whole obsession worked out well when playing putt-putt last week.  He started off with a swing and then slowly brought it down and hit the ball.  For a 3 year old this guy is pretty decent.

Like this mom?!

He is a lefty.

Orange ball, every single time.  Jackson's favorite color is orange, so naturally Nash wanted the orange ball.   Jackson let him have it because he can be the nicest brother ever or he doesn't want to hear him scream either.  

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