July 3, 2015

Myrtle Beach!

My grandparents have a condo in Garden City, just south of Myrtle Beach.  It is far enough away that we have never taken all 3 boys.  This Saturday we were in Wilmington for a big reunion and decided it would be the perfect time to head down there for a few nights.  Rarely do we go anywhere without extended family so I wasn't sure if the boys would get bored and I would miss the help.  We really had a great time as a family of five!  FIVE, still so weird.

The pool is right below the condo.  We did more pool time than beach time.  It is just easier than gearing up for the beach.  And it has been prime time shark attack around here lately!

Another bonus, Theo's monitor reaches the pool.  He can snooze in the peace and QUIET and we can play board games in the sunshine.

During nap time the big guys were also introduced to Putt-Putt.  Big fans. And yes Charlie stayed with Theo, the monitor didn't reach.  ;)

One night we ventured out to eat.  I have given up all hopes of keeping him or myself clean ever again.

This is 'the look.'  I asked, 'Nash can I please have a bite of your ice cream?'  I already had my own.  He gets it from his mama.

Jackson let me lick the edges.  

Day 2 we hit up a water park in the afternoon.  Everyone had a blast in the kids area, Jackson and I did some racing down some pretty tall slides (I would never tell him but I was nervous for him, and me) and they did some tube slides with dad.

Theo took a nap on my chest and I documented it.  This never happens.  We were a big sweaty ball of snuggles. Love.

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