July 27, 2015

pool punks!

We are doing some serious pool time this summer. It is not relaxing, but I have figured out how to go by myself with no major freak outs.  Jackson can pretty much swim on his own and I don't have to worry about him.  Nash is working on his swimming but is cautious and knows to make sure I can see him at all times.  And Theo LOVES the water and thinks he can jump in and swim by himself.  We can walk to our little neighborhood pool so we usually head that way in the afternoon and I watch the clock intently for dad to get there.  Some days everyone last all of 10 minutes and others we can stay out there for hours.  I love a good evening neighborhood pizza pool party!

Some of the future dudes of Downing Creek.

Oh, did you say pizza?!

Theo, tripping himself out per usual.

Nash, Squints, putting out the vibe.

Relaxin Jackson, checking out the new Lego magazine.

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