October 26, 2015

Halloween Prepping

We have been gearing up for Halloween over here!  After some serious push from Jackson, we stepped up our game and got some new outside decorations and finally hit up the pumpkin patch today.  We have already pulled out the costumes and had a few parades and parties.  This year we have Hulk Smash, Spiderman (the ever present) and maybe a dinosaur, but probably Superman.

Sophie and Farris joined us for our neighborhood parade / party!

They had lots and lots of cupcakes and Theo could reach the table and there was an older lady who thought he was super cute and was more than happy to give him anything he couldn't reach.  

Making Halloween cookies at Grandmama & Grandaddy's house.

Ganyard Hill Farms!  The photo didn't go as I had planned, but they have grown, check this out.  And dad went with us this year, sooo much easier when dad comes!

Children of the corn.  Chillin.

Checking out the corn maze, plotting our path.  

And the corn maze was no joke.  Sending out an SOS! And we were both pumped to find a dirty old paci in my pocket.  

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  1. We've got a hulk smash too!!! Exact same costume- love it!!!