October 23, 2015

The Fair!

I like to go to the fair and eat fried Oreos until they no longer even taste good.  You only get them once a year so this is very necessary.  This year was a success.  The big bros and I met my parents there this week, the weather was beautiful and it was not too crowded.  They did a few rides, played a few games and then finished with a walk through the candy tent.  We all left a little cracked out and happy.  Theo got to hang with our cousin/roomie Josh for the afternoon.  Maybe next year you lil maniac, maybe.

Fair Monkeys!

It took Nash a while to warm up to the rides and loud noises at the fair.  Just before we were about to leave he decided he was ready to ride-ride-ride.  

Jackson won a Samurai sword, just what we needed!

I do ride rides.   My boys usually want to ride with Tat or Will so I get to watch but every now and then I get asked for a super scary one.  I thought it was fun!

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