October 7, 2015

Theo Likes...

At almost 17 months Theo likes…

MOM - I have never seen a brighter smile when I walk in the room.  He loves to snuggle and rub my hair and give me super slobbery snotty sticky kisses.  He yells out 'MOM' with his arms wide open to be picked up most of the time.  He can also say Geta (Greta), Hot (and blow snot on his food), Cracker (all food), Lala (water), Bye-bye (with a pretty serious wave and slobbery kiss blow).

Books - He loves a good board book and will climb right up in your lap to read it.  You have to be quick, he is quite the page turner.

Climbing - On his toys, chairs, the kitchen table.  Yesterday I tried to go to the bathroom and heard the clinking of what I thought was the light above our tall kitchen table.  It was.  Talk about that bright smile when I walked in…

Breakfast - This dude usually wakes up first and has a waffle for breakfast and then he has an oatmeal breakfast with his brothers and then he eats the breakfast bar I am trying to eat for breakfast and then he makes eggs with daddy and eats them too.  I am not kidding.

Outside - Jumping in puddles, throwing balls, being chased, going to the park, pouring sand all over himself.

Brothers - He loves when his brothers come in and get him from his nap or when they get home from school.  He copies (yells) everything they say and mimics all that they do.  It is awesome and scary to watch.

These are just a few of the things that I don't want to forget.  We won't talk about the late night / early morning wake-ups or the throw your body on the floor tantrums.  I have learned they come with the territory.  All in all Theo is turning into such a handsome outgoing happy little rascal.

No naps, No problem.
Crazy Hair, Don't Care.

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