April 3, 2016

Adult Spring Breaking

Welcome to Miami, bienvenidos a Miami!  My youngest sister 'Aunt Nat' and my other younger sister  'Hannah-banana & Nate-da-great's Mom' and I all met in Miami along with some of Natalie's friends for her Batch Party!  I pretended I was 23 like everyone else and just went with it.  I doubt anyone noticed...  But it was so much fun hanging with my sisters and wining and dining and sunning and clubbing and sleeping in as late as I wanted.  I was the first one up every day, by the way.  Also, the first to bed.  Sarah and I called the big comfy King Bed, it was pure bliss.  I am so glad they let me tag along.  I am officially a Miami groupie.

Looking out our 16th floor condo before walking out to the beach.  This view! If you have never used VRBO.com you should give it a shot.  This was my first time and it was everything described and more plus so much cheaper than hotel rooms.

Night one we got fancy and had cocktails and sushi at Blade in the Fountainbleu Hotel.  Our friend got us on the list for LIV.  The hottest club in Miami, according to Jay-Z.  Well he was not there, neither was Beyonce' so our dance off didn't happen as I had envisioned.  Mainly I started to feel a little older.

Spotted someone famous and older! Holla back Scarface.

Ahhh, brunch.  I won't bore you with food pics, but it was all so freaking good.  This is my sister's brunch at Yardbird.  She wasn't able to eat much of it.  I helped everyone out.  You live you learn.

Night two, Cecconi's.  It was Italian food and we sat outside surrounded by beautiful lights and decor and friends.

Finally, night 3, only 5 remained.  The Matador, fancy Spanish Tapas and we might have licked some plates on the sneak.

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