April 7, 2016

freak attacks

When you can't find your 1 1/2 year old who was just in the backyard with his brothers because you attempted to sprint inside to go pee because you are a girl and can't go on bushes, don't forget to check under the secured deck before you call the police department.  I didn't actually call, but Jackson was running inside to get my phone for me when Theo, who never stops talking, finally said, 'mom! look!'

When you have a migraine and the fire alarm keeps beeping so you take every single one down, some with uncontrollable force and then get in the shower and hear another beep to finally realize it is the carbon monoxide detector so you replace the battery and it keeps beeping so you think you may die and call the fire department.  I did actually call and they did come and were so nice and did not make me feel like an idiot.  If your CO2 detector is 5-7 years old it is expired, and it will beep and beep and beep, until you throw it in the pond.  FYI.

Remember last week when I was in Miami, ahhhh.  Shout out to all those people who made that possible.  You rock. 

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