April 25, 2016

Fun Stuff!

We wrapped up another fun filled weekend over here.  Highlights were meeting our brand new cousin Eleanor, date nights for mom and dad and perfect park weather.

Friday night we went to the 2016 Taste The Event.  It was called All in the Nana's Family Dinner and was sort of an ode to the chef at Nana's Restaurant (Scott Howell), which is one of our favorites.  It did not disappoint.  

Saturday baby Eleanor got to come home from the hospital.  So naturally we bombarded her with snotty hugs and dirty hands and stuffed pacis in her mouth.  She took it like a champ.

Jen Hatmaker!  One of my favorite writers / bloggers spoke at an event for Help One Now in Raleigh.  She was great, it was great, if your interested check it out - Help One Now - One Leader, One Child, One Community.

Handsome Sunday twins.  One has slightly more hair.  

I went to a beautiful baby GIRL shower that afternoon (must have missed the year of the girls).  When I got home I HAD to make cookies for our church small group that night and if you can believe it, everyone decided to come inside to help out.

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