April 13, 2016


Last minute, Charlie decided to attend his Jersey Mike's conference at the Yacht Club Resort in Disney World.  I was back and forth about going, I wanted to go, but wasn't really sure if I could handle kids there while he attended the conference.  I decided I could do two! Sorry Theo, really he is way too young to go and enjoy it.  Then my parents decided they would go and visit with my Aunt Julie and join us for Magic Kingdom.  Score!  It was such a fun time with my 2 big guys.  We kept it simple, and really could have just stayed at the resort the entire time and they would have loved it.  Like I said, it's the little things.

Nash's first flight!  He did great.  Sprite, gum, muffins, and snuggling.  What's not to love?

After lots of trains, planes and automobiles, we arrived!  Our room, the coolest part, a phone in the bathroom. 'MOM! You can talk on the phone while you dookie!'

We headed to Disney Springs the first afternoon.  I had reservations at T-Rex Restaurant.  It was one of the only places that had any.  I thought I was a planner, Disney people are planners, you gotta get on this ish atleast 6 months in advance.  The boys thought it was cool, so cool they passed out in the booth and we ate peacefully.

Lego Store!

 We headed back to the resort, and hit up the boardwalk for a few games and fire works.

Sweet boys and their super cool stuffed monkey winnings...

Magic Kingdom!  When I wasn't sure if my parents were going to be able to make it or not I got matching neon green t-shirts.  Easy to spot mop-heads.

Go Kart racing.  The lines really weren't too bad, but overall, place was packed.

'Let's take a picture on Dumbo and send to dad.  He told me he liked it when he was a baby.  He would love it here.'

Splash Mountain!  I made Nash go, mean mom I know.  He did not like it.  Jackson and I did.  Front left, bright green, he looked like that the entire ride.

The Seven Dwarfs roller coaster was awesome. UNTIL we were creaking up the last big hill and it STOPPED.  And we waited, suspended, reassuring little kids this was part of the ride, knowing it was not, until they finally came on the intercom to confirm.  Please stay seated someone will assist you shortly.  They were decently quick in getting us off, and it was a little bit scary and very claustrophobic, but we made it out of the mine.  Thank God, Nash's mom did not make him go on this one.  I had a hard enough time keeping my own mother calm... :) 

Headed back to the resort after a hard days work.

Last day morning dip with dad!

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  1. Front row of splash mountain?!?!???? Y'all BRAVE!!!!!! Hahahahahhaa