July 2, 2016

UNC Baseball Camp

Jackson had his first 'full day' camp last week.  He went to the UNC baseball camp on the real baseball field and the real baseball players were his coaches.  I thought he would be pretty exhausted and kind of over it after a day or two, but my little Tarheel loved it.  He now wants to be a professional baseball player instead of a professional basketball player.  I would say he just increased his odds by about 100 percent.  His biggest fans (Nash, Theo & ME!)  missed him and went to pick him up early every day so we could watch him play.  I loved everything about these afternoons.  Every now and then I think of how fun it would be to have a girl and then I remember how much I love baseball and dirty boys and ratty clothes and just how God knows exactly what he is doing blessing me with these 3 rascals.  

First day!  Jackson was a little nervous and Nash was trying to sneak in.  

But really, he looks like he is 10.  Slow down buddy.

Go Tarheels!  Go Angels! (his group)

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