January 2, 2017


Cheers to 2017!  Here we are in all of our 9:30pm glory.  Theo had the stomach bug the night before so we all hung out on New Year's Eve and waited for it to hit the Farris house, but in a Christmas miracle, it was only poor Theo.  Plus, I was practically waiting for an excuse to stay home.  

As for resolutions, they get broken, so here are a few aspirations for me and mine.  
1- Cook half-way decent dinners.  We have been in an out to eat, pizza, nuggets, Holiday rut over here.  Send me any easy family friendly ideas, and I mean really easy.  Our sink just fell through the counter and took out the plumbing with it, so I have a few more days till we start this.
2 - Read more -   Books, magazines, newspapers, the Bible, etc.  Less Facebook, Instagram, iPhone in general.
3- Date nights -  Individual ones with each of my boys.  They pick what we do and I happily oblige.  Looks like more Jersey Mike's and Menchies for me.
4- Organize - Aka getting rid of half broken toys and games and chewed up clothes.  We got a big boy room to work on for Jackson, a shared room for Nash and Theo and a nursery room to spruce up for baby girl.
5 - Get moving - Even if it is just a walk around the block.  I have done it a few times but feels weird without my girl Greta.  I ALWAYS feel better when I get back.  Plus I have about 14 more weeks to go, holy weight gain.

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