January 30, 2017

ballers-shot callers

Sports are back in action!  Saturdays are for basketball and Sundays flag football.  Everyone is in their happy place.

The Orange Crush gearing up for 8am practice and patience - coffee!  Nash's #1 fans did not make it to this one and I think he enjoyed some QT time with coach Dad.  He has been waiting to play for a long time and is enjoying being one of the better ballers on the team.  It is what happens when you have a big brother.

The Flaming Tigers!  I am not sure who enjoys this more, Jackson, or my dad, Coach Grand-dad Will.  Jackson is one of the older players on this team which never really happens with a May birthday.  The boy is dominating on some rebounds and shots and has so much fun doing it.  I LOVE that huge bright smile after every play.  Let's be real, I don't see an NBA career in his future so we are embracing it while we can.

And this picture.   This is a 'Will' face and foot toss and follow thru if I have ever seen it.  Kinda weird.

Are you ready for some football?!  Flag Football had its first scrimmage yesterday.  The Carolina Panthers were pumped.  No good pictures or videos because, Theo, not so interested in watching.  But I love my #1 QB coaching our little (big-gahhhh) boy.

Go Nashy Go!!  This boy loves football and the rules and the plays and the scores and the mouth guard and not so much that it is flag.  

It's Bo-time.  After church on Sunday we stop by Bojangles on our way to flag football.  Pound some chicken and fries, do some dabbing and sneak in a little sweet tea.  All-Americans.

And when it is his time, he will be ready!

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  1. That picture of Jackson looks just like dad! omg so crazy, need to find one of dad doing that. Made me tear up!