January 5, 2017


Back to the grind this week.  I love Christmas break and family and friends and grubbing and staying up late and spending all our money - but getting back on a 'schedule' is always welcome around here. So, a few sweet things currently happening that I never want to forget - 
Jackson - He gets up early for school in the morning.  I haven't been sleeping that great with a moving baby, restless legs, and a Theo twirling my hair every morning around 5am when he sneaks into our room.  Lately Charlie has gotten him up and dressed and breakfast.  Then he runs up to our room to brush his teeth and walks over to my side, snuggles up and says 'I love you Mom!'  It is the best way to start my sleepy day.  He gets it from his daddy.  I remind him to get his coat, lunchbox, tie his shoes and then run downstairs to remind him again and do it all for him.  He gets that from his daddy too.
Nash - He is still a hard kid for me to parent.  He has definitely taught me the most and we work on our patience hourly.  He notices everything and has a hard time just letting something go.  This includes my growing belly and his baby sister.  He is the only big bro that gives it much acknowledgment at all.  He made her a Christmas card even though she was in my belly (a gingerbread man with a BOW!), talks about how only God knows her real name (we can't agree on one just yet), and gives her a daily love and kiss.  He is going to be the best protective big bro.
Theo - 'GO TELL IT ON THE MOUNTAIN!' can be heard throughout our house at any given moment.  The boy loves to sing and perform.  He is very proud and doesn't mind showing off a little bit.  We are also still BFF.  He greets me with a bear hug and a 'DERS MOMMY!' every single time I enter the door.  He also ask me to hold hands, give him a love, and can he twirl my hair.  Speaking of, he may be in for a winter shaved head, he has a bald spot from pulling his hair out, not sure what to do about that.  

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