January 9, 2017


We got snow! We got snow!  Not as much as they predicted, but plenty for around here.  My boys were up early and ready to roll out.  We have NO snow clothes so I KNEW they would not last too long.  Every year I think about getting something decent and then decide nah, it won't snow this much again, and it does.  I was wrong about Jackson, boy was loving every bit of it.  Nash and Theo gave it their best shot and really loved it when the neighbors brought out hot chocolate.  We had a good time and dad was home for a lot of it which helps out sooo much.  Otherwise we have been grubbing and roasting marshmallows with neighbors and attempting some board games.  Stay shredding dudes.

The snow was still pretty thick here and coming down, making this ride kind of slow, thankfully.

'I gon git you mom!'

Uncle Zack walked over for lots of football.

Frozen pond!  They were NOT allowed to test it out, we have already been there done that.

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