February 10, 2017

Basketball Goal!

My parents got the boys a real basketball goal this past weekend.  The Fisher Price plastic one is still holding on strong - 6 years now - but it was time.  Eight hours of his life later my dad  had assembled the goal, Charlie was super pumped he did not get the goal... and I was super pumped the box would not be sitting in the garage for 3 years...  This week has been gorgeous and these boys have been putting in some serious work!  I love hearing the bouncing of the ball and the arguments that come along with it.  :)  It is usually Tar Heels vs. Globetrotters which makes for some interesting games, but the past few days Tarheels vs. Duke.  Rivalry time has arrived on Tobacco Road.

The first dunk!  Don't be fooled, Theo can make a shot, kind of ridiculous.  He has to keep up with the big dogs.

Teaching them a few things.  'Oh my gosh mom, your baby is popping out of your clothes.' -Nash 'And your butt.' -Jackson 'Your butt!' - Theo
Always encouraging.


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