February 6, 2017

Super Bowl

If you stayed up for the fourth quarter last night, because you knew it was the Super Bowl and it was Tom Brady and he is the man, then you were in for some seriously amazing football.  It was nothing compared to the Flag Football game earlier in the day, but maybe that is just me.  ;) We watched the first half and half-time at a friends house where they had a totally random 'buy a square' game.  Nash won $20 after the first quarter and Jackson the $20 after the second!!  Talk about some pumped up boys.  They didn't enjoy the half-time show as much as me but did think all the lit up drones in the sky were awesome and were perplexed by the name Lady Gaga.
'YEAHHH day dancing good mom!' -Theo 
'Wait?! Where is the football game, why are they letting them on the field? Are they going to let this last 15 minutes??'  - Nash  
'I guess she really likes gaga-ball or something?' -Jackson
Perfectly shows their personalities.  Now we can move on to basketball!

Go Patriots! (How appropriate)  And our friend Andy snuck by Nash, but Jackson had his back!

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