February 21, 2017


It was our turn to host our neighborhood Supper Club this past weekend.  We channeled our inner Wilson and went with Ribeyes, Beefmastor Inn style.  Ribeyes, Baked Onion, Baked Taters, and a salad bar to boot were served.  All washed down with ice cold Budweisers as 90's smash hits played over the speakers.  Charlie was in heaven.

Beefmastor Charlie, checking out his ribeye before the crowd arrives.  We went all out, as in checkered table cloths, forks & steak knives, butter, salt & pepper.  

Explaining how this is all about to go down, he take these things very seriously - as steak should be taken.

Alright ladies, what size cut and how do you like your steak cooked.  It was delicious.

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