February 11, 2017

Hey girl hey!

We got a sneak peak of this beauty the other day.  I wanted the boys to be able to check out what is going on in this big belly of mine.  They were amused for about 2 minutes and then over it, just as I imagined.  She was mostly snoozing with her hands in front of her face. We did get a few sneaky smirks out of her.  She is doing great, moving and grooving in my belly all the time.  I am feeling large and well, pregnant.  This has definitely been the hardest pregnancy. Headaches have not been as bad lately and I am no longer nauseous.  Heartburn is still going strong, maybe she will have a big head of hair like her bros!  I have had some heart palpitations and one super random episode of seeing stars - blacking out.  I got to wear a sexy heart rate monitor for a few weeks and had an echo done.  Everything is looking pretty normal and the only recommendation was to have a c-section, which is already the plan.  Some days I get frustrated and then remember how awesome it is to be a female who can carry another human being and bring her into this world.  Lucky me!  And she gives me lots of kicks, it is like our own little secret language, my favorite part of being pregnant.  Two months to go!  

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