January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!

2014, you were very good to me.  In a loud, chaotic, losing all control sort of way.  I am learning to embrace it and love it and soak it all up.  Cheers to 2015!  Keeping resolutions simple, I hope for everyone to get a little more sleep, read a few more books and do a little more playing.  Who is with me?

It's da spaghettiiii.  Carbing up for the New Year. 


Jackson may have been more excited about drinking 'champagne' and counting down to the New Year than he was about Santa.  He had 4 glasses and we had to turn out all the lights in the house, count down from 10 and blink them on and off a good 3 times.  May we find joy in the simple things this year like Jackson does.  

Starting 2015 au natural.  Nash would prefer to be this way all the time.  May we find time to take our time, just as Nash always seems to do.  

Even with a runny nose and nasty cough, Theo looking dapper as ever for 2015.  May we all smile as much as this little fellow.

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