February 17, 2015

snow day!

I am not a huge fan of 'snow days.'  But when dad also takes a 'snow day' they rock.  We were able to take turns with the big guys playing outside.  Jackson was loving it this year, 'totally sledding so fast down the huge hill.'  His words not mine.  Nash lasted for a good hour, 'totally worth the 45 minutes it takes to get his clothes on.'  My words not his.  Theo took an extra long morning nap and snacked on dog food.  We had our go to turkey-veggie-soup, chicken wings, extra fudgie brownies and a few special drinks.  After all it is Fat Tuesday!

Look at all that snow!  :)  It was mostly ice, which is a lot better for sledding.  

Taking a break because, 'MOM, I'm still hungry!'

The very necessary first snow picture.  Not pictured, actual snow.  Whoops.

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