February 22, 2015

weekend update

Friday night I went to the grocery store for approximately 5 minutes.  When I got back I noticed (he thought I might not?!) Charlie had trimmed his 9 month old son's hair, again.  And lets be real, he did not trim it, he cut it.  It is kind of funny and cute when a little kid gets the scissors and cuts some bangs.  It is not as cute when you are 32.  Sorry Theo.  You are still stinking cute even if you do have a little bit of that Lloyd Christmas look going on.  

'Naw Dawg, get dat ish outta here.'
Saturday morning the Red Swords made a huge comeback and won 12-4.  Jackson was sooo good at defense.  They also had really great snacks after the game.  

Saturday afternoon we headed to Wilson to have Mr. Nash's birthday party!  He met all of his cousins at Dunkin Donuts for chocolate sprinkle donuts, present opening and a little tag football.  We all know how Nash feels about his birthday, see here, so this year we kept is super simple.  He was awesome and loved ever single bit of it.  What is not to love about a donut party!

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