February 19, 2015

9 months!

Your 9 months old Theo!  You love to crawl, fast.  You love to pull and push anything with blinking lights; tv, dishwasher, washing machine, phone, and the computer.  You love to climb up the stairs, yes you were half way up this morning, I have no idea how, help me Jesus.  You eat whatever we eat and crush fruit squeezes and stinky formula.  Yep, we officially finished breast feeding.  I was kind of sad and happy about it all at the same time.  You love your big brothers who are still somewhat gentle and patient with you.  I don't see this happening for much longer as you are starting to like their stuff.  Last but not least, you freaking love the bath.  You take one every single night to pass the time.  Sometimes in the morning, sometimes in the afternoon…  We have to keep the water really low because you have no fear and like to put your head under.  Maybe one day you will be a swimmer.  With a head like that I have my doubts, but you never know.

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