February 12, 2015


After searching a few gift shops while we were away at our 'meeting' I still had not gotten anything for the boys.  In the airport we had a delay so I hit up some duty free shops but liquor, cigarettes and perfume aren't really their thing.  And then I spotted it in the mini mart… a plastic baseball bat, not just any plastic bat but one that is filled with gum balls.  My boys are obsessed with gum.  'Can I have some gum mom?' 'Sure if you put on your coat.' 'Can I have some gum now?' 'Sure but remember you can only chew gum when you are all the way in your car seat and buckled.'  We bribe each other with gum all day long.  So just as anyone would be, they were pumped up about their gift.  I wonder how long I am going to be able to get away with a mini-mart gift.  And sorry Theo, no gifts or gum until you get some more teeth.

On a side note.  Jackson threw up yesterday.  He either had a 1 hour bug or ate too much stale gum, the verdict is still out.  

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