February 11, 2015


Charlie and I just got back from a 4 night get-away in the Dominican.  We had a wonderful time in the sun, eating, drinking, dancing, eating, drinking, sunning - yep that is about it.  Jackson asked if there was a football game or basketball game or why we would go somewhere that there wasn't one.  I told him they had big buffets of french fries, pizza and pancakes and then he understood.  We stayed at an all inclusive resort, Excellence Punta Cana, which I would not recommend.  When we got there they had over booked the hotel and cabbed us over to a 'much nicer' hotel, only it was not at all.  So we had a rough start but we turned it into a fun somewhat comical time.  

Second morning there and finally made it out to the beach!  Only I was laying by all of our tickets, passport, etc. bc we still did not have a room...  But we had drinks!

We met our good friends Meredith and Chad down there.  They also have 3 boys.  We spent dinners talking about them, even when we tried not to...

On the way home I realized those are all the pictures we took.  I like to think this picture was a little tanner and chunkier than when we first set off.

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