April 24, 2015


Baseball is back in full effect around here.  We have bats and balls and bases thrown all around our front yard.  The backyard has currently been taken over by Greta.  After wiping butts all day long I am not going to scoop up dog poop.  That's a daddy duty. (Get it?)  So you have been warned.  This Spring Jackson is playing Coach Pitch / Tee-ball through South Durham Little League.  We have really had a great experience with them.  His team is the Indians and he has the hottest assistant coach around.

Game day cheese.  He picked out the new cleats.  The sales guy measured his foot and said these are your 2 options bud.  Perfectly simple black ones or bright neon yellow ones.  There was no going back.  

First base is his favorite position because everyone has to throw the ball to you!  He also enjoys working on a hard chill in the dug out.

According to him, he is the second best hitter on the team.  :) 

You know, just toddling around in my big bros throw back outfit cheering him on.

He wants to play realllllyyyy bad.  If you come to watch Jackson's game you better bring your glove and be ready to play with Nash, because that is what you are going to be doing.

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