April 4, 2015


We had a nice little (ok, seemed long) stay at home spring break week.  The weather was awesome and we stayed outside as much as possible.  I was reminded that I love these boys so much and I am so very lucky to be able to stay at home with them.  I was also reminded that they are going to need some summer day camp action or I am gonna need some summer day job action come June.
Come on mom, put the phone away.  Eat sand with me!

Digging for Dino fossils at the Life and Science Museum.

More egg hunting.  Nothing brings brothers together like an Easter egg hunt, especially if candy is involved.  Sike.   I almost threw all the candy out, instead I hid the good stuff, in my mouth.

Ball hard.  All day. Every day.  

Dyeing Easter eggs.  After I took this picture and looked away for 27 seconds Nash poured dye everywhere.  Everywhere.

It didn't seem to bother Jackson.  And he didn't want to share his dye.  And I didn't blame him.  

Looking out my front door about every evening around 7pm.  Love.

'It's OK Theo, Easter bunny is nice.' -Nash
'Well, Easter bunnies are kind of weird.' -Jackson

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  1. I am about to "hide" some Easter candy too!!!!!