April 9, 2015


Just incase you had not heard, the Duke Blue Devils won the National Championship this year.  Now this is not a big deal in the Farris house hold.  But this is a huge deal in the Winslow house hold.  As many of you know, my dad went to Duke and I grew up a pretty serious Duke fan.  Then I went to UNC for college and tried to change my allegiances but that dark blue will always run through my blood. If you are a true fan then you understand.  Needless to say I was not sad about the results of Monday night's game.  And neither was our fair weather fan Jackson.  He pulls for winners.  He also pulls for Duke and Butler for obvious potty humor reasons.  So he had a 'Jackson' Day Off' and went to welcome the Blue Devils home, then to the baseball game and then asked if they could go to Kanki for dinner.  Yep this kid knows what is up, living the good life.  

Jackson's dad does not approve of this picture or any of this outing.  In fact he said he couldn't go.  I said you can tell him that.  And then you can come hang out with these crazy boys for the afternoon while I go!… Didn't happen.

And he actually fell asleep through the 'highlights and speeches.'  

Like mother like son.  He did bring me home some leftovers.

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