April 27, 2015

Rainy weekend goodness

We had a lot of plans for this 'spring' weekend.  It turned out to be a chilly rainy one, but a chilly rainy weekend is better than no weekend at all.  

Friday was soccer practice/scrimmage.  It starts at 5:00.  We start getting ready around 3:00, not kidding.  We are still late.  I jokingly said I burn around 2,000 calories getting on socks, shin guards and cleats.  I should be skinny by now.  Friday night I went to a friends house for some appetizers and drinks and we made 'busy bags' and exchanged them.  Basically they are Ziploc bags with easy stuff to keep your kids busy.  My boys used them all Saturday afternoon in about 10 minutes.  Success.  :)  

Early Saturday morning I got to hang out with this guy.  He loves his one-on-one mama time and must know he can only get it if he wakes up before everyone else...

Jackson had a tee-ball game at 9:00am.  He was able to get it all in before the rain came in.  Go Indians.  

We headed over to my brother's neighborhood for the 'Spring Fling.'  The rain was coming down.  And nothing is more fun than a bouncy house with a basketball goal in the rain!

Charlie did not have to go in to work at all on Saturday.  I was going to try and sneak over to the mall to get some new sandals all by myself.  My trusty shopping buddy got word of this and wasn't about to let that happen.  He is the best kid ever when he gets every single thing he wants done exactly his way.  And he knows that will happen when it is just us two. :)  Saturday evening Charlie and I went out to eat at Squids with some friends and then hit up a new bar, The Strowd for a birthday celebration.  It is in the former Player's spot downtown…  It is looking a lot cleaner these days with operating bathrooms, but don't worry they still have a DJ. 

Sunday we hosted a neighborhood cookout.  Charlie took the older boys to church and I drank massive amounts of coffee and cleaned the house.  Our backyard was a swamp so we moved everything up to the driveway and street.  The sun finally came out right around 5:00 and the hot dogs were on point.  

And cupcakes.  Cupcakes were demolished.  It was a good weekend.

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